Project Green Car Now In the Works: 84 Diesel Benz + Giant Eagle Fryer Oil = Happy Earth

We have officially started our Project Green Car. A team of United High School best and brightest students, lead by Sir Mitchel DeRubis, will work with United's Chemistry Dept in collaboration with a professor from a local university in the field. The team will research the 3 most common ways to use non-hydrogenated oil to run my 1984 Mercedes Benz 300 DT diesel car. The research project has already started, and I look forward to a full report and reccomendation by July 31 (no pressure Mitch). August 1st we will proceed. A special thanks to Mercedes for being ahead of their time as well as Giant Eagle of Indiana PA and Mr Ed Bratton, owner, for giving us an weekly supply of oil from his personal Giant Eagle. Thanks Ed and Dennis Bray, GM.

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