Hempfield High Goes Green Nuts

In just 10 short days, the Hempfield Area High School's recycling program has collected over 2000 pounds of paper... thats 2000 pounds of paper that isnt going into Westmoreland County Land Fills. The program is supported by Abitibi of Pittsburgh. Check out one of the earlier posts below to get more info about Abitibi. Check out this most recent green video from the Green Spartans.


Hempfield High Gets Busy

In attempts to start a schoolwide green movement, Hempfield Area High School has started a building wide paper recyling program in partnership with Abitibi. Abitibi's Paper Retriver Program offers a great opportunity for all Pittsbugh schools. And, its a great way to generate some extra funds- Abitibi will pay your school for the paper! Not only will they pay for your waste paper, they will give your school a storage bin and will also transport the material. Check out their site.