NWF Caught PFC Green-handed

The NWF did a great job covering the DC trip. They featured us in their blog. Check it out..... If NWF isnt green, no one is.
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NWF Blog

PFC Makes it to DC in 52 Hours

Well,it was a hell of an adventure and the legs were a little worn out, but we made it....... Check out the interview that was taken at the DC by NWF.

NWF Interview


United High School Wins Phipps' Fairchild Challenge

Congratulations to the amazing students at United High School. I am very proud of my school for their outstanding year-long performance. The Fairchild Challenge is a multidisciplinary, standard-based, environmental education program inviting high school students to learn about current environmental issues.
United proved that a little school in rural PA can not only compete but beat the biggest schools Pittsburgh has to offer. United will use the $1000 first place award to enhance their composting and recycling programs as well as plan a "Take Back the Earth Day" for Indiana County Schools.


PFC Green Ride Promo Video

Check out our ride promo. We leave Sunday at 8 am from the Levi Deal Mansion in Meyersdale.


Green Ride 2009

Principals For Change will soon set out for another green ride to DC. The group, led by PFC Director, Aaron Steinly, is hoping to continue to promote green education to schools across the state and country. PFC did the DC trip last June in 9 days- on foot. The 216.9 mile journey started in Meyersdale, PA and ended 9 days later in DC. This year PFC will climb aboard mountain bikes on Sunday, June 7 and ride 55 hour to DC. The group plans to arrive in DC on Tuesday, June 9th at 1 pm.
Stay tuned! Check out our website at