Hempfield Area High School finally did it!!!! As of January 29th, HAHS will be one of the first schools in PA to implement building wide single stream recycling. That means that students can now recycle plastics, cardboard, glass, paper and metal... all together - NO SEPARATION NEEDED!
After calculating that over 750,000 of garbage is produced in one school year (and sent to local landfills), the Spartan Nation decided to take a stand.
Year 1 Goal: Divert over 500,000 pounds of garbage from landfill to Green Star recycling.
Stay tuned for updates.
Watch the video below on the single stream kickoff.


Green Star Caught Green Handed

"Recycling is Greenstar's core business. Other waste management companies are focused on profiting from their landfill or mill businesses and recycling is a small component of their operations. In comparison, Greenstar is solely dedicated to recycling"...... And I can vouch for these guys, they are the real deal.... And I am proud to say that Hempfield Area High School is about to launch a beautiful partnership with Green Star. HAHS is getting ready to go to single stream recycling. That means 80% of waste produced at Hempfield will be recycled- instead of being planted in some PA landfill. Just amazing. A special thanks to our waste hauler Allied for helping us to make it all happen. Stay tuned.
Green Star

Recycling Madness

They did it again.... the HAHS Spartans have shown their true color... GREEN. Since October of 2009, the Green Spartans of Hempfield Area High School have recycled over 40,000 pounds of paper. Thanks to Abitibi for being a great partner. Congrats to Mr.Wuslich, Mr.Bailey, Mr.Harden, Mrs.Dallas and Mr.Cook for coordinating such a successful program.

OK.... so what did our recycling efforts really achieve, you ask? By recycling 40,000 pounds of paper, HAHS helped save:

1. 340 trees
2. 7600 barrels of oil
3. 60 cubic yards of landfill space
4. 140,000 gallons of water
5. 1200 pounds of air pollution

Yeah, that's it!!!!!!!!!!!

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Power Down Drive

The students at Hempfield never fail to impress..... and they continue to press the green envelope. To promote and support Earth Day, the entire high school will be outfitted with Flip the Switch.. Conserve decals on every light switch. What a great way to continue to raise enviro-awareness and smart resource management.


Free Green Can Caught Green Handed

Hold on to your green horses folks... I just stumbled on this amazing new green opportunity for school and businesses alike... Not only can Free Green Can help you grow an incredibly effective recycling program, they can help YOU generate real revenue for your school or biz.... That means more $$green$$ for green projects. The Free Green Can program is an exciting new opportunity that partners waste managers (who are actually interested in recycling), advertisers and schools. Check it out.... We at Hempfield Area High have already began to work with these guys... We will keep you updated on our green progress.

here is the web address-


Recycling is a Hit at HAHS

Great news, Hempfield Area High School's recycling program is a hit!!!!! Since launching a school-wide paper recycling drive on October 5th, the HAHS has collected and recycled over 14,000 pounds of paper..... If 14,000 pounds doesnt sound like a lot, check out the benefit on the environment.
14,000 pounds of recycled papers has saved:
*119 trees
*21 cubic yards of landfill space
*14 barrels of oil (588 gallons)
*49,000 gallons of clean water
*28,700 kW hours of electricity – enough energy to power 35 average-sized homes for a 5 month period


HAHS Ecology Club Goes Greener

The Hemfield Area High School Ecology Club will be kicking off an electronics recycling drive when schools resumes after the holiday break. HAHS has teamed up with in order to provide a safe disposal alternative for cell phones and other hazardous items. Did you know that there is enough lead, copper, and antimony in cell phones to classifiy them as hazardous waste????


Hempfield now has their own super hero.... and yes, he is green as the day is long.... We need all the help we can get if we are going to make a difference! Check out his first eco-mmercial.

Hempfield High Goes Green Nuts

In just 10 short days, the Hempfield Area High School's recycling program has collected over 2000 pounds of paper... thats 2000 pounds of paper that isnt going into Westmoreland County Land Fills. The program is supported by Abitibi of Pittsburgh. Check out one of the earlier posts below to get more info about Abitibi. Check out this most recent green video from the Green Spartans.


Hempfield High Gets Busy

In attempts to start a schoolwide green movement, Hempfield Area High School has started a building wide paper recyling program in partnership with Abitibi. Abitibi's Paper Retriver Program offers a great opportunity for all Pittsbugh schools. And, its a great way to generate some extra funds- Abitibi will pay your school for the paper! Not only will they pay for your waste paper, they will give your school a storage bin and will also transport the material. Check out their site.


Why I Started PFC.....

Well, there sure isnt just one reason I decided to devote much of my time and effort to the green cause. The video below will briefly touch on one of the numerous issues that motivated me to do....something. Have you ever heard of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? Well check it out. You probably wont believe your eyes.


Westmoreland Cleanways Caught Green Handed

If you are anywhere near Westmoreland County you need to look up this amazing group of green crusaders. Westmoreland Cleanways is extremely dedicated and active in preserving and protecting the local environment. You have to check out their Fugitive Tire Progam along with thier extensive educational resources - all provided for free on their great site. Check em out today!


Paper Retriever - Helping 'Burg Schools Go Green

Not sure how to get your school involved in the green movement? Looking for a way to start a recycling program that will actually generate green ($$$) for your school? Look no further. Paper Retirver, out of Pittsburgh, is the perfect solution. Not only will they bring a giant paper receptacle (a cool-looking dumpster) to your school, they will pick it up, track your results, and then write a check to your school. YES, IM SERIOUS!! You have to visit their site today. You can make a difference.

Paper Retriever Website


Hempfield Area School District Caught Green Handed - Adopts Progressive Green Policy

Hempfield Area School District has recently adopted one of the most comprehensive Energy Management policies in the state of PA. This policy is truly amazing and worth examining. And, this policy isnt just for the hard core tree huggers out there. If you are interested in saving your district some serious (and immediate)green, this green policy is for you. Click on the link below to view Hempfield Energy Management policy.

Hempfield's Energy Management Policy

Administrative Regulations

NWF Caught PFC Green-handed

The NWF did a great job covering the DC trip. They featured us in their blog. Check it out..... If NWF isnt green, no one is.
click below:
NWF Blog