EUREKA! VegOil Based Fuel Produced In High School Lab

Our first batch of vegetable oil-based fuel is almost ready for the test grounds - my 1984 Mercedes Benz 300 DT diesel. The process was so simple yet so complex. Its all about tranesterification. Yes, drop that term at a party. It's as simple as taking large hydrocarbon molecules (veg oil) and creating esters from them. Once that is completed, the end product (veg oil based fuel) will burn amazingly clean and efficient.. Efficient enough to run a 1984 Benz. Stay tuned for updates. This batch just needs a little bath and its ready for the Benzo. Good job Mr. Whitcomb and Mitch DeRubis.


Laurel Auto Group Donates Hybrid for Trip

Laurel Auto Group of Johnstown PA partners with P.F.C! L.A.G personally purchased a Toyota Highlander Hybrid for the official P.F.C chase car. The hybrid will be driven by Mike Lee, a teacher at United High School. Mike will be waiting at each stop on the C & O Canal with fresh clothes and supplies. Mike will also be doing the tech updates on the website as well as giving constant tech support for the entire trip.

Great P.R. From Local Media

Check out the newest article written by the Tribune Democrat. A wonderful story by Ms. Urban.
Tribune Democrat article click here


Project Green Car Now In the Works: 84 Diesel Benz + Giant Eagle Fryer Oil = Happy Earth

We have officially started our Project Green Car. A team of United High School best and brightest students, lead by Sir Mitchel DeRubis, will work with United's Chemistry Dept in collaboration with a professor from a local university in the field. The team will research the 3 most common ways to use non-hydrogenated oil to run my 1984 Mercedes Benz 300 DT diesel car. The research project has already started, and I look forward to a full report and reccomendation by July 31 (no pressure Mitch). August 1st we will proceed. A special thanks to Mercedes for being ahead of their time as well as Giant Eagle of Indiana PA and Mr Ed Bratton, owner, for giving us an weekly supply of oil from his personal Giant Eagle. Thanks Ed and Dennis Bray, GM.


Overwhelmed.... Just want to thank all those who are supporting us.

So many people have contacted us from all over the country..... But the most important support has come from our backyard - Armagh PA, Indiana PA and Johnstown Pa. The people here are amazing. Our own students and staff at United High School have been our biggest supporters and if no else shows up in DC it will be ok because our families, teachers, friends, and students will. And we wanted to thank the teachers for committing to preparing and bringing us food at each location on the C and O trail. And the students.... they have been amazing. Thanks United and surrounding friends.


PAEE Caught Green Handed

The Pennsylvania Association of Environmental Educators have been green for a long time.... They not only teach green they live green. Thanks PAEE.
Visit their site and tell them hello. they are good people doing great tings.
Click below to visit their site:

P.F.C Making a Difference in the Classroom

One of our goals is to make major changes in our own school - United High in Armagh Pa. WJAC TV did this fabulous story today on how our students are not only working to ensure that we make it to DC alive, but also to learn about the human body, more specifically, comparing the thermal/energy efficiency of automobiles and the human body. Teaching Green can occur in any class and any subject. And, if you tie it into with an authentic learning scenario, change occurs.
Click below to view the newest WJAC story on PFC.

WJAC News PFC 5/20/08


ACORE Commits to Hosting P.F.C When We Arrive in DC

Mike Eckhart of the American Council of Renewable Energy has committed to hosting Princpals for Change when we arrive in DC. ACORE will be meeting us at the Reflection Pool at 12:30 on June 13th. This is monumental!
See you in DC?

Cali Auto Group of Palmyra PA Helps P.F.C. with Diesel Benz

Giovanni Cali of Cali Auto Group has stepped up and decided to help Principals for Change. He stated that America needs more people working together to solve this crippling energy problem. Cali Auto Group specializes in Mercedes Benz diesels. Cali donated a portion of the car to our group. He even helped with the first tank of fuel. Principals for Change will be modifying the 1984 Mereceds Benz 300DT so that it can run on vegetable oil based fuel. The used fryar oil will be provided by Giant Eagle of Indiana Pa.
Cali also said that they would donate a portion of all diesel Benzs sold to friends of Principals or Change back to P.F.C. Just tell them that we sent you.
Thanks Giovanni for your support.


Gander Mountain Partners with P.F.C

Thanks to Gander Mountain of Johnstown, Pa for outfitting Principals for Change for the walk to DC.
Special thanks to general manager Bruce Walkovich for supplying some great hiking apparel, goretex hiking boots, weather proof clothing and especially the Anti-Monkey Butt powder, which will come in handy.
Who's greener than Gander?

Giant Eagle Indiana PA Sponsoring P.F.C Walk to DC

Giant Eagle officially committed to providing us food and other provisions for the walk to DC. They have also committed their used fryer oil for our newest project. We are converting a 1984 Mercedes Benz 300 Diesel Turbo to be able to run on vegetable oil. Details to come.


PA Secretary of Education Teams with Principals for Change

Dr. Gerald Zahorchak gives Principals for Change his stamp of approval. In a phone interview today, Dr. Zahorchak teamed up with PFC.
"I am very enthusiastic about what you guys are doing, I give my, and the Departments, full support and partnership to Principals for Change." Dr. Zahorchak.
He also stated that he will try to be at either the trail head in Meyersdale, Pa on June 5th for day 1 or at Washington DC on June 13th for the rally at the DC Mall.

Read todays AP article on the Secretary of Education's endorsement of PFC:
Secretary of Education backs Principals for Change


CNN, MSN, FOX NEWS, Forbes, Washington Post and more look at Principals for Change

The AP article has really picked up some steam. The AP article was picked up by many media sources.
CNN Covers Principals for Change Story
Fox News
Washington Post

New Sponsor - Conemaugh Development Corp.

Bob Jones, CEO of the Conemaugh Development Corporation, is shown here making a contribution to the Principals for Change teacher grant program. All money donated will go directly into the non-profit fund established through the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies.
Thanks Conemaugh Development Corporation.


AP Picks Up Story

Some great PR from the Associated Press today on our walk to DC and our Teacher Green Grant Program. Check out the article from the Chicago Tribune.

News Release - AP, Chicgo Review


State College High School Caught Green Handed

Under the advisement of Mr. Paul Heasley, State College High School students (State College PA) will be manufacturing their own bio-diesel in the fall of 2008. Mr Heasley is inspiring other teachers in PA and the surrounding region to think green.

ACORE Caught Green Handed

Another big boy in the race for a greener planet. Great source of everything green. These guys bring together all sectors of renewable energy.


Press Release

Check out our first media release on WJAC TV.

WJAC News Story


Green Schools Intitiative Caught Green Handed

These guys are the originals. They fully understand that education is the key component to a long-term energy solution. Check out their site for great educational information on the Green Movement.


St. Francis University Caught Green Handed

St. Francis University's Renewable Energy Center, under the direction of Erik Foley, is doing some great things. Their goal is to lead and educate businesses, schools, and communities in the development of cost-effective, environmentally sound energy alternatives. Check out their website and the great work that they are doing in the Loretto Pa area:
St. Francis Renewable Energy Center


Our Walking Journey to DC

We decided that it was time for someone to take a stand. Someone has to do something. We are hoping that this walk will motivate people, especially educators, to be part of the energy crisis solution. Our journey will begin in Meyersdale Pa June 5th, 2008 - 2days after our seniors graduate. We will travel to D.C. via the C & O Canal. We think we can inspire a change, one step at a time. We will be arriving in D.C. on June 13, 2008. Hopefully someone out there shares our concerns and passion. The map below illustrates our journey. See you in DC?

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