Back to Work and Ready to Roll Up Sleeves

Just wanted to thank everyone again for their support. The trip was amazing and horrible - if that's possible. But now we are healing up and planning to make some real green noise. We are in the process of planning out the Green Academy for educators -which will be run with ACORE. PFC GreenSpaces will be the main focus of the conference/event. The goal: To get school across the country to join GreenSpaces. Once a member, each school will come up with their own green plan and use the online community to share and collaborate with schools across the country. Stay tuned.


WE MADE IT!!!!!!!

12:30 Couldnt have come any quicker....

With Mike Eckhart, President of ACORE (and new partner of PFC)

On the balcony of the Speaker of the House's Office... amazing........

Thank you all very much... We must now roll up our sleeves and get busy. We will be launching the Green Academy for principals across the country in partnership with ACORE in the near future as well as growing PFC GreenSpaces. Now its time to catch our breaths. Our feet walked us to DC but you guys carried us


Harpers Ferry Falls

We have been praying for rain for days.... Thank the lord... We made it to the 60 mile point and we feel much better. We have time to rest and collect ourselves - we are back in (near) civilization. KDKA Radio called today for an interview. And, we are trying to call out the presidential candidates to meet us on the trail - why not??? The Speaker of the House is seeing us on Friday.
We would love to hear their feelings on the energy crisis... finally.
3 days to go. We are at The Towns Inn and its amazing. See you in 3 days at DC.


Back on the grid and within 100 miles

Sorry we lost contact for the last few days.... PAW PAW WV is pretty much in the middle of nowhere and we had no service. We were truly in the wild. We are back near civilization and only 100 miles from DC. Every step is borderline agony and the heat is brutal. The worst part..... snakes. We almost stepped on a timber rattler and a copperhead right on the trail. That would not be good. We have 27 tomorrow and we are will only 75 out. I have never realized how much I took food and water for granted.


NBC Universal Picks Up PFC Walk

Millions of kids across the country watched the video that the United High School Video Prouction class created about PFC. Check out their site.

A Royal Send Off for PFC - We are on the trail right now!

Many showed up to see the PFC Walkers on their way. At 6 am in Meyersdale Pa (from the gorgeous Levi Deal Mansion) the PFC Walkers set off for DC: First leg, 31 miles. Trail Update - WE MADE IT to Cumberland Md by 8 pm - only 64,008 steps. The Bruce House Inn met us with a wondeful dinner. Thanks Pam.
A special thanks to the Secretary of Education (Dr Zahorchak) for calling at 6 am sharp for a farewell sendoff and a re-partnering with PFC. When we return we will be meeting with Dr. Z and Governor Rendell.
We will be back to the journey heading to PAW PAW in the morning. Email us on the trail.


Levi Deal Mansion Greets PFC

A special thanks to the folks at the Levi Deal Mansion. This is hands down the most impressive restoration projects that I have ever seen. Mr. Fred Dixon has turned a rundown abandoned eyesore in my home town into a world class historic American beauty. Meyersdale Pa has really taken to the “restoration craze”. We are proud to be here. In the morning, we walk…… Day 1. Cumberland Md here we come.


FOX/ABC Teams With PFC

FOX WWCP/ABC WATM makes a huge committment to PFC. After a brief meeting with these amazing people, they agreed to the following:
1. Posting our interactve Google map on daily news broadcasts - this map will show exact PFC location along the C & O Canal. We will update it via GPS. This can also been seen on our homepage during the trip.
2. Having us call the station with trail side reports.
3. Agree to producing and airing The Green Minute. The Green Minute will be a weekly news update given by me, on the air. In the news report I will tell the community how they can "go green" in a very practical and effective fashion.
4. Donate directly to the PFC non-profit fund.
This is amazing and PFC personally thanks Mr. Frank Quitoni,CEO.


If you cant laugh at yourself.....

Justin, the other walker (that's what we call him) decided to poke a little fun - at ourselves.... This is what happens when people have too much times on their hands.
Please watch with a sense of humor... There has been so much going on that we just really needed to take a step back and not take ourselves too seriously.
If you are having trouble, click here to watch it at YouTube direct.