Westmoreland Cleanways Caught Green Handed

If you are anywhere near Westmoreland County you need to look up this amazing group of green crusaders. Westmoreland Cleanways is extremely dedicated and active in preserving and protecting the local environment. You have to check out their Fugitive Tire Progam along with thier extensive educational resources - all provided for free on their great site. Check em out today!


Paper Retriever - Helping 'Burg Schools Go Green

Not sure how to get your school involved in the green movement? Looking for a way to start a recycling program that will actually generate green ($$$) for your school? Look no further. Paper Retirver, out of Pittsburgh, is the perfect solution. Not only will they bring a giant paper receptacle (a cool-looking dumpster) to your school, they will pick it up, track your results, and then write a check to your school. YES, IM SERIOUS!! You have to visit their site today. You can make a difference.

Paper Retriever Website


Hempfield Area School District Caught Green Handed - Adopts Progressive Green Policy

Hempfield Area School District has recently adopted one of the most comprehensive Energy Management policies in the state of PA. This policy is truly amazing and worth examining. And, this policy isnt just for the hard core tree huggers out there. If you are interested in saving your district some serious (and immediate)green, this green policy is for you. Click on the link below to view Hempfield Energy Management policy.

Hempfield's Energy Management Policy

Administrative Regulations