Cali Auto Group of Palmyra PA Helps P.F.C. with Diesel Benz

Giovanni Cali of Cali Auto Group has stepped up and decided to help Principals for Change. He stated that America needs more people working together to solve this crippling energy problem. Cali Auto Group specializes in Mercedes Benz diesels. Cali donated a portion of the car to our group. He even helped with the first tank of fuel. Principals for Change will be modifying the 1984 Mereceds Benz 300DT so that it can run on vegetable oil based fuel. The used fryar oil will be provided by Giant Eagle of Indiana Pa.
Cali also said that they would donate a portion of all diesel Benzs sold to friends of Principals or Change back to P.F.C. Just tell them that we sent you.
Thanks Giovanni for your support.

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