Recycling Madness

They did it again.... the HAHS Spartans have shown their true color... GREEN. Since October of 2009, the Green Spartans of Hempfield Area High School have recycled over 40,000 pounds of paper. Thanks to Abitibi for being a great partner. Congrats to Mr.Wuslich, Mr.Bailey, Mr.Harden, Mrs.Dallas and Mr.Cook for coordinating such a successful program.

OK.... so what did our recycling efforts really achieve, you ask? By recycling 40,000 pounds of paper, HAHS helped save:

1. 340 trees
2. 7600 barrels of oil
3. 60 cubic yards of landfill space
4. 140,000 gallons of water
5. 1200 pounds of air pollution

Yeah, that's it!!!!!!!!!!!

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